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3D Printing Machine

No matter what your manufacturing goal is,
we have the tools to help you achieve it.


CASTOR offers a set of tools forming a holistic solution for identifying the right Additive Manufacturing opportunities for your own needs.

Whether your initiative is sustainability, supply chain improvement, cost reduction, or production flexibility - CASTOR can help you discover the full potential of industrial 3D printing and gain confidence through its variety of automatic intelligent software analyses.



Discover the printability of parts using your 2D drawings

Any file input you have - we can handle it!

CASTOR’s 2D analysis enables users to identify Additive Manufacturing opportunities based on their designs' 2D drawings, even when 3D CAD files are not in reach.

Using a set of geometric and economic analyses, CASTOR automatically identifies those parts, out of thousand designs, that make sense to consider 3D printing.

  New    2023 November Release

Automatic 3D simulation from 2D drawings with just one click

Read more on CASTOR's new 2D analysis 



Improve sustainability with Carbon emission knowledge

With this capability, CASTOR reveals the amount of CO2 emission that can potentially be saved by using Additive Manufacturing instead of Traditional Manufacturing. The CO2 calculator delivers valuable information that provides an impact on sustainability considerations and high-level decision-making.

Read more on CASTOR's new CO2 calculator

We believe in promoting connectivity and integrability within the AM industry, creating an environment that enables seamless AM processes. CASTOR partners with companies like Oqton, HexagonMaterialiseUltimaker, and more to be announced, to streamline the utilization of 3D printing and disrupt the way manufacturers can utilize the benefits of Additive Manufacturing.



Expand your opportunities with integrated AM solutions

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