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Jigs, Tools &  Fixtures 

Use Cases

Maximize Additive Manufacturing With Confidence

CASTOR helps organizations quickly discover the value additive manufacturing offers. By analyzing Bill of Materials in a form of CAD assemblies. CASTOR automatically identifies parts in seconds that are a good fit for 3D printing, both technically and economically. 

CASTOR is trusted by industry leaders to identify more than 50% cost reduction additive manufacturing opportunities and accelerate time to market of industrial descrete manufacturing by a factor of five. Its software integrates the results derived from the analysis of more than 30,000 parts by more than 80 companies, including Fortune 500 organizations.



End-Use Parts


Spare Parts

Improved efficiencies in production lines

Increase innovation in part’s manufacturing

Allows for customized functionality

Enable Additive Manufacturing organizational education

Reduced inventory costs

On-demand production

Readiness for time-sensitive field failure

Creating digital inventory

Significant cost reduction, when moving from design to production

Shorter lead times of mechanical parts

Complex design opportunities

Increase manufacturing flexibility

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