Allows for customized functionality

Increase innovation in part’s manufacturing

Improved efficiencies in production lines


Jigs, Tools &  Fixtures 

Enable Additive Manufacturing organizational education

Complex design opportunities

Shorter lead times of mechanical parts

Significant cost reduction, when moving from design to production

Increase manufacturing flexibility

Use Cases

Maximize Additive Manufacturing With Confidence

CASTOR helps organizations quickly discover the value additive manufacturing offers. By analyzing Bill of Materials in a form of CAD assemblies. CASTOR automatically identifies parts in seconds that are a good fit for 3D printing, both technically and economically. 

CASTOR is trusted by industry leaders to identify more than 50% cost reduction additive manufacturing opportunities and accelerate time to market of industrial descrete manufacturing by a factor of five. Its software integrates the results derived from the analysis of more than 30,000 parts by more than 80 companies, including Fortune 500 organizations.


Readiness for time-sensitive field failure

On-demand production

Reduced inventory costs

Creating digital inventory


End-Use Parts


Spare Parts