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For New AM Adopters

For AM Experts

For AM Vendors

Finding the "low hanging fruits" suitable for 3D printing, out of existing designs

Identifying cost reduction and 
re-design for AM opportunities

Enhancing AM businesses with a tailor made platform for boosting sales 

Cloud-based solution

Automatic screening of thousands assemblies and parts at once 

Technical analysis of design files based on:
Geometry limitations
Matching material properties

CASTOR Light features plus:

On Premise Solution

Consolidation of adjacent parts

Unique Finite Element Analysis for AM

CASTOR Light features plus:

Fully branded

Customized materials and printers database according to desired potfolio

Lead generation tool

Advanced Weight Reduction analysis

Value chain benefits

Financial analysis of break even point of 3D printing vs: CNC & Injection Molding

* Additional Features are available upon demand

ERP & PLM software integration-ready

Full customization of cost calculation structure

ROI Calculations for 3D printers

CASTOR’s additive manufacturing software delivers the benefits of 3D printing to offer a faster more cost-effective manufacturing environment. It automatically analyzes your product design files to discover additive manufacturing opportunities, saving not only production time but reducing mechanical component costs by 50%.

Cost and lead time savings

Its software is quick and easy to use and can produce results in seconds. CASTOR’s algorithm allows you to quickly upload your entire Bill of Materials directly from your PLM system or to manually upload single CAD assembly files so relevant files can be automatically analyzed to identify parts for additive printing.

Quick automatic scanning

Once CASTOR’s innovative 3D solutions identify parts suitable for printing, it uses its unique additive manufacturing simulation to identify redesign opportunities. 

DfAM opportunities

The software suggests best-match materials and 3d printing technology, carries out geometry analyses, identifies redesign opportunities, compares the cost of additive printing to traditional manufacturing, and simulates the likelihood of failure.

Technical and financial analyses


What CASTOR does:

Quickly analyzes the printability of parts 

  • Rapid and simple deployment

  • 3D analysis based on CAD files

  • Integrates with leading ERP/PLM systems

Enables AM decision making

  • Cumulative cost/lead time savings dashboard

  • Centralized user admin panel

  • 3D printer ROI calculator 

Redesigns for additive

  • Weight reduction

  • Parts consolidation

  • Thickening thin walls

Performs technical analysis 

  • Chooses the right material for the specific application

  • Provides printability risk assessment 

  • Predicts likelihood of failure

Performs financial analysis

  • Cost effectiveness report

  • Cost calculation customization

CASTOR’s suite of additive manufacturing software offers three separate solutions:







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