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Enables manufacturers to automatically scan thousands of parts and assemblies at once. 

Use Castor Light to Identify the "low hanging fruits" suitable for 3D printing out of existing designs, save time and money by unlocking the benefits of industrial 3D printing. 



Using CASTOR Light, you will be able to make informed decisions whether to prefer 3D printing over traditional manufacturing methods,

The software analyzes CAD files, recommends the suitable 3D printing technology and material for each part and provides cost saving advice. 

After receiving the cost and lead-time estimations for each part, you will be connected to a service bureau that can print and supply the part according to requirements, and in the fastest and cheapest way.

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Have questions?


It’s quick and simple! Just upload your CAD file and select the original material and CASTOR will:





Analyze and determine

3D printability of parts

Deliver unbiased feedback

on a part-by-part basis

Choose suitable

technology and material 

Perform financial analysis

of 3D compared to traditional manufacturing ​

​The results can be used for optimizing your own internal printer OR you can connect to a suggested 3D service bureau.

CASTOR Light Features

Quick Automatic Screening Process

CASTOR's algorithm analyzes thousands of parts and assemblies at once! After choosing a single material for all parts, or uploading the BOM (Bill of Materials) from your CAD software, just drag and drop your files into the software, and you're good to go! Within minutes, you'll get the results and have access to the full technical and economical reports.

Cost Analysis

The economic analysis features a cost comparison Graph that easily presents the financial Break-Even Point between 3D printing and traditional manufacturing in both units and dollars. The analysis accommodates additional costs like inventory management and shipping costs.

Technical Analysis

CASTOR Light's analysis recommends the best match of material, technology and printer to 3D print the part. The analysis is based on geometry limitations of the printer, such as thin wall limitations, as well as finding the best match material according to the user's personalized preferences for different material properties. 

Customized Printing Configurations

CASTOR Light allows you to choose your own configuration and display results based on them. You can choose semi-professional printers, your in-house printer, you can choose a specific material category, and more.

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