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From identifying AM parts to streamlining production

How to optimize AM processes and accelerate time to market

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Additive Manufacturing in Industry

Discussing the challenges, the benefits and the future of selecting parts for 3D printing,

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The Supply Chain Benefits of Additive Manufacturing

Find out how AM tackles manufacturers' biggest  pain points when managing supply chains

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 Reducing Costs Using Ximplify

Introducing NEXA3D's Ximplify tool powered by CASTOR, together with Avi Reichental from NEXA3D.  

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How CAD file analysis automates parts identification for AM

learn why Danfoss uses CASTOR to discover AM opportunities


Evonik’s 3D Screener

 Introducing a new 3D printing software tool powered by CASTOR, in this joint webinar with Sylvia Monsheimer from Evonik.

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