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In this webinar you will discover: 

  • What are the big challenges of managing supply chains today

  • How can Additive Manufacturing tackle manufacturers' most critical pain points

  • How software automation can improve your supply chain and help you be ready for the next world crisis

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Discover hidden manufacturing costs and potential savings using AM that might surprise you!

Together with William Mccall, Director of Operations for AM at Xerox, we present the status of supply chain today in the manufacturing industry, and explore the challenges and the solutions that enable manufacturers to increase flexibility and efficiency of production and even save substantial costs, automatically. 

Watch the recording here:

The State of 3D

Printing Report: 2021

Discover the insights of the 7th edition of the largest study of the Additive Manufacturing industry.


The Supply Chain Benefits of Additive Manufacturing

In this live session, we discuss how companies are quickly discovering Additive Manufacturing opportunities for revolutionizing their supply chain.

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