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Enables manufacturers to automatically identify cost reduction and DfAM opportunities. 

Use Castor Enterprise's advanced capabilities to maximize the potential profit from 3D printing.


CASTOR Enterprise

CASTOR Enterprise enables manufacturers to reduce costs, utilizing the benefits of industrial 3D printing.

Using CASTOR Enterprise, you will be able to automatically identify cost reduction opportunities while receiving deep technical analysis and re-design recommendations (DfAM) for single parts and assemblies.

CASTOR Enterprise makes life simpler for AM oriented engineers at companies with low volume/high mix hardware products, by enabling full customization to fit each organization's needs like a glove.

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With CASTOR Enterprise you can:


lead time

Reduce costs on expensive small batches 


Automate the 
screening process of thousands of parts

CASTOR Enterprise Features

Advanced weight reduction analysis

Based on your weight reduction

target, CASTOR Enterprise's

proprietary algorithm

automatically identifies weight

reduction opportunities by

removing extra material

from your bulky components

and creating lighter part for


Quick assessment of the

'Likelihood to Failure' of a part

CASTOR Enterprise estimates

the "Likelihood to Failure"

of a part due to external

forces acting upon it, using a

super quick Finite Elements

Analysis, unique to additive


Consolidation of adjacent parts

CASTOR Enterprise's algorithm

automatically identifies, out of

a full product design, the cases

that make sense, technically

and economically, to combine

several adjacent parts into a

single part, using AM.

On-Premise, ERP & PLM integrations

CASTOR Enterprise solution

can be installed directly to your

computer, without internet

connectivity. Additionally,

the software can integrate

seamlessly to any existing PLM/

ERP software that you are using,

upon demand.

Full customization options

CASTOR Enterprise offers a

wide range of customization

possibilities such as: customized

cost estimation, customized

tray orientation, customized

material properties sensitivity,

customized in-house printing

capabilities, and more.

Value Chain Benefits

CASTOR Enterprise provides

valuable information on the top

line savings, taking into account

operational costs from various

points of the supply chain, such

as inventory, shipment, labor

costs, etc.

The software accumulates the

overall data and considerations

and provides tools to make

strategic level decisions.

ROI Calculations

CASTOR Enterprise aggregates the overall cost-cutting recommendations on your projects and uses the data to provide ROI calculations for purchasing specific printers, based on the parts you have analyzed.


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