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Key insights on the contribution of AM to sustainability 

 CO2 emissions saving based on a full product's lifecycle

How many parts have the potential to save CO2 emissions during the product's full lifecycle

Complex geometries and weight reduction

How finding parts with complex geometries and weight reduction potential contribute  to reducing CO2 emissions

On-Demand manufacturing 

What is the potential of reducing waste and its impact on the environment when producing with AM

Discover unique key insights on how Additive manufacturing  contributes to CO2 emissions savings


CASTOR's software enables manufacturers to automatically analyze their CAD files and 2D drawings and discover when it makes sense to 3D prints parts from both a technical and economical point of view.


Our latest developments focus on the aspect of sustainability. Based on the analyses of thousands of parts, we will share our insights and knowledge on finding the cases where AM  has an environmental benefit over TM resulting is CO2 emissions reduction.

Download the 2023 Sustainability in 

Additive Manufacturing trends report 


The State of 3D

Printing Report: 2021

Discover the insights of the 7th edition of the largest study of the Additive Manufacturing industry.


Sustainability in Additive Manufacturing Trends Report

Discover the insights based on data extracted from CASTOR’s software, after analyzing more than 50,000 parts

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