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Using a set of geometric and economic analyses CASTOR's software automatically identifies the parts that make sense to consider 3D printing, technically and economically. With the new CO2 Emission Calculator, CASTOR can now also automatically identify parts' designs with environmental benefits to be produced using AM, and calculate the potential emissions savings.

 The calculation behind the CO2 analysis takes into account various parameters along the full lifecycle of the product. 

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How sustainable is AM today? 

From Roland Berger

"A quick and easy tool or software program to predict the difference between an AM part and a conventional one with a high degree of certainty is essential. Such a tool could boost the application of AM in areas where it is currently considered too expensive..."


Want to start calculating your CO2 emissions?
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Improve Sustainability with Additive Manufacturing

Discover the potential Carbon Emission savings with CASTOR's CO2 Emission Calculator

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