CASTOR Releases its new product - CASTOR Enterprise 

Tel Aviv, Israel. Nov 11, 2020

3D printing software company CASTOR Technologies LTD unveiled today its new product, CASTOR Enterprise - a proprietary software which enables manufacturers to automatically reduce costs, utilizing the benefits of industrial 3D printing.

CASTOR Enterprise is an on-premise solution which automatically identifies cost reduction opportunities out of thousands of parts and assemblies at once, and delivers recommendations for re-designing parts for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM).
The software is based on the feedback derived from 30,000 parts analyzed over the last 18 months by more than 80 companies, including F-500 companies. Amongst its unique features are the part’s’ consolidation and weight reduction identification capabilities, using a fast Finite Elements Analysis.


“We have seen our customers’ need for a solution that not only reveals the ‘low hanging fruits’ out of an existing design, but also identifies opportunities for Design for AM”, states Omer Blaier, Co-Founder and CEO of CASTOR. “With CASTOR Enterprise, we now provide a sophisticated tool which identifies those small changes that can have a huge impact on the company’s bottom line.”

CASTOR Enterprise aims at making life simpler for AM oriented engineers at companies who manufacture low volume/high mix hardware products. The software is built in a way that allows advanced users to modify almost every default figure it sets, such as customized cost estimation calculations, material properties sensitivity, operational costs from various points of the supply chain, such as inventory, shipment, labour costs, and more. It is PLM/ERP integration-ready and available on-premise, completely off-line.

The advanced capabilities of CASTOR Enterprise lie on four pillars:

  • Geometry limitations Analysis; based on minimum wall thickness and support material.

  • Material properties Analysis; comparing the 3D printed parts’ mechanical properties to traditional manufacturing material properties.

  • Structural analysis; considering external loads acting upon parts.

  • Financial break-even point analysis vs. traditional manufacturing methods

“By automating the screening process of thousands of parts we save hours of AM professionals’ manual work. By quickly providing deep insights that can be translated into actionable decisions, we bring manufacturers closer to maximizing the potential profit from 3D printing. “
Omer Blaier, Co-Founder and CEO of CASTOR.

CASTOR Enterprise’s advanced capabilities form a unique value proposition, offering competitive advantages such as:

  • Automatic analysis of a large number of parts at once

  • Identifying consolidation of adjacent parts that make sense of combining into a single part

  • Identifying weight reduction opportunities and reducing the material waste of bulky parts

  • Quick assessment of a part’s Likelihood to Failure, using a unique, tailored to AM, finite elements analysis.


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CASTOR is an Israeli based software company, founded in 2017 by Omer Blaier and Elad Schiller, both entrepreneurs with rich backgrounds in mechanical and software engineering. The company has emerged with the goal of helping manufacturers drive profitability by using industrial 3D printing, creating tools which solve the challenge of identifying where, when, and how to use 3D printing to reduce costs. The company is backed by large speciality chemicals corporation Evonik and recently announced its partnership with Siemens Digital Industries Software. CASTOR's line of products also includes CASTOR Light; the basic tier for AM new adopters wanting to find the low hanging fruits suitable for 3D printing out of existing designs and CASTOR White Label; a fully branded tailor-made platform, providing lead generation tools to enhance AM business.


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