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New Release: CASTOR has received a grant for improving and promoting software and algorithms for analyzing engineering drawings and converting them from 2D to 3D with just one click.

Tel Aviv, Israel. Apr 17, 2024

​CASTOR, a leading industrial software company in the Manufacturing field, is happy to share that CASTOR was chosen out of hundreds of companies to receive a grant from the Israel Innovation Authority to support, improve, and promote the development of software and algorithms for analyzing engineering drawings and converting them from 2D to 3D.

Once uploading a 2D drawing, CASTOR’s software enables the simulation of a 3D view of every part in the file with just one click.

As a result of this simulation, offers a comprehensive analysis of the part's printability potential, resulting in better estimations of printability, cost, sustainability, lead time, and supply chain advantages.

Opening New Opportunities

The new capability offers a rapid Geometric Analysis that enables to take quick and informed decisions. The automated analysis considers material properties, cost-effectiveness, and digital supply chain benefits, significantly simplifying the decision-making process. While it doesn't replace the need for a 3D file, this process enables engineers to identify suitable parts for AM in seconds, accelerating the evaluation process and reducing time-to-market for AM projects. CASTOR's new capability introduces a paradigm shift in the world of Additive Manufacturing, cutting costs, reducing inefficiencies, and accelerating the journey from 2D drawings to 3D printing reality.


"We appreciate the fact CASTOR was chosen out of hundreds of companies by the Israel Innovation Authority to receive a grant that supports such an important development. The new capability introduced by CASTOR will be a game-changer for engineers, significantly reducing the time and effort required to qualify AM parts. This tool will eventually enable engineers to expedite the identification of parts suitable for 3D printing and allocate their valuable skills to more strategic tasks." Says Omer Blaier, Co-Founder & CEO of CASTOR.  "With this innovation, we aim to transform the landscape of Additive Manufacturing and make it even more accessible for companies relying on 2D PDF drawings in their manufacturing processes.”

In the world of Additive Manufacturing, time is of the essence. The process of selecting the optimal parts for 3D printing out of thousands of parts can be time-consuming.


CASTOR’s software enables to automatic extraction of PMI (product manufacturing information) out of PDF files of 2D Drawings, calculates parts’ size, volume, and complexity, and creates a visual 3D simulation based on dimensions from projected views.


Using this information, it suggests the 3D printability of parts, recommends optimal technology and materials and performs a financial analysis of Additive Manufacturing compared to Traditional Manufacturing. It exports useful information and insights, both as a formal PDF report and a raw data Excel sheet.


The quick results guide engineers on which parts to purchase or to further explore their 3D CAD files. Once the selected files are in a 3D format the software, which is available ‘on cloud’ and ‘on-premise’, can also deliver recommendations for re-designing parts for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) - such as part consolidation and weight reduction. The advanced capabilities enable quick assessment of a part’s likelihood of failure, using a unique, tailored AM, Finite Elements Analysis.

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CASTOR is a leading industrial 3D Printing software company that enables optimizing manufacturing and increasing profitability by using industrial 3D Printing. CASTOR solves the challenge of identifying where, when, and how to utilize the benefits of 3D Printing technology, by automating the process of screening parts and highlighting the parts that make a good business case for Additive Manufacturing.
CASTOR's intelligent software analyzes thousands of parts at once and identifies opportunities where Additive Manufacturing makes sense, from a technical, economical, and sustainable point of view. CASTOR provides a wide range of advanced capabilities and offers multiple tools, both for new adopters and for Additive Manufacturing experts, which are fully customizable and can be tailored to each organization's needs.

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