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Ido Green

Ido Green


From identifying AM parts to streamlining production

How to optimize AM processes and accelerate time to market

GTM Leader,
Materialise CO-AM

Janet Kar

Janet Kar, CO-AM GTM Leader.jpeg

Director of Growth Strategy at Materialise

Kyle Adriany

VP of products at

Ido Green


About this webinar

The qualification of additive manufacturing (AM) parts can be a lengthy and time-consuming process. Evaluating which parts can be profitable and selecting the most suitable materials require expertise and extensive analysis, involving both design and financial considerations. Once parts have been identified for 3D printing, a collaboration between internal customers, supply chain teams, and AM champions can become complex. Without a proper AM operating system, streamlining requirements definition and getting visibility of the concept-to-production cycle may lead to delays and miscommunication. 



How can you streamline this process and accelerate your production timeline while reducing time, costs and material usage? 

In this webinar, you will learn how you can optimize AM processes by automatically selecting the right parts for 3D printing using the integrated CASTOR software within the Materialise CO-AM Software Platform.


In this webinar you will learn:

How you can automatically choose the optimal parts for 3D printing out thousands of parts, taking into consideration material properties, cost-effectiveness, and digital supply chain benefits.

How to accelerate production timelines and reduce time-to-market for your additive manufacturing projects.

How to enhance collaboration and communication through seamless data transfer and real-time tracking with Materialise CO-AM Software Platform.

How to explore the benefits of a digitally connected experience from part identification to order entry to part delivery.

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