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Asahi Kasei leads a Strategic Investment in CASTOR's Intelligent Manufacturing Optimization Software

Tel Aviv, Israel. May 16, 2023

CASTOR, a leading software startup in the Additive Manufacturing industry, announced that it has secured funding from Asahi Kasei, the Japanese multinational corporation, to support its mission to empower manufacturers to optimize their production processes for greater efficiency and sustainability.





Asahi Kasei's investment in CASTOR's intelligent manufacturing optimization software marks Asahi Kasei's first involvement in the 3D printing industry presenting the company's commitment to supporting the Additive Manufacturing market and advancing the industry's integration of advanced technologies to increase efficiency sustainability and productivity. 

In addition to Asahi Kasei's investment, existing investors such as Xerox, Spring Ventures, Evonik Venture Capital, Jeremy Coller, TAU Ventures, and Chartered Group have also contributed to the funding round.

CASTOR Software optimizes manufacturing processes with its advanced supply chain software. Using advanced proprietary algorithms, CASTOR automatically identifies mechanical components suitable for Additive Manufacturing, leading to a reduction in time, cost, and CO2 emissions compared to traditional manufacturing methods.

"We are excited to have the support of Asahi Kasei and our other investors," said OMER BLAIER, CO-FOUNDER & CEO of CASTOR. "This investment will enable us to continue our efforts in developing and expanding our software solutions, which aim to assist manufacturers in optimizing their production processes for greater efficiency and sustainability. We look forward to collaborating with our investors to bring our technology to a wider audience and serve more industries worldwide."


"The Asahi Kasei Group is committed to supporting a sustainable future through their investment in CASTOR's innovative software solutions for identifying opportunities to implement additive manufacturing. We see the software is a key enabler to promote  Industry 4.0, which focuses on the integration of advanced technologies to increase efficiency and productivity. Castor’s mission aligns with Asahi Kasei's goal the implementation of additive manufacturing in the industry in a more efficient and sustainable method.” said Takashi Morishita, President of CVC at Asahi Kasei.

Asahi Kasei's investment in CASTOR Software demonstrates its commitment to the further development of advanced manufacturing technologies and its recognition of the potential of CASTOR's software. This strategic partnership will allow CASTOR to leverage Asahi Kasei's global resources and expertise to accelerate its growth and impact in the industry.

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