Use Castor to scan single parts and assemblies.
Scan up to 1000 parts and identify cost reduction and lead time savings opportunities. 


CASTOR is a decision support software, enabling manufacturers to decide whether to prefer 3D printing over traditional manufacturing methods, by providing technical analysis and cost-saving advice for a full machine design.

With CASTOR PRO, you can analyze thousands of parts at once and and the software will recommend the suitable 3D printing technology and material for each part, while identifying cost reduction opportunities and suggesting geometry changes to the part's design.


The software estimates the cost and lead-time for each part and connects the manufacturer to a service bureau that can print and supply the part according to requirements.

CASTOR PRO has a user friendly, drag and drop interface, easy-to-customize to your own preferences. Watch the tutorial video to see how it works. 

With CASTOR's software recommendation, you unlock can the benefits of industrial 3D printing, save time and money.


Please Notice: 

  • Upon completing your personal and payment details, you will recieve a confirmation email and your request will be procceced in the next 24 hours. After that, our team will activate your accountand you'll recieve the details to enter thesoftware and start uploading your files.
  • The subscription is for one year, and up to 1000 parts. 
  • Prior to the renewal date, CASTOR will inform you via email and let you the option to re-subscribe. We will will not be charge you in a reocurring payment. 

Castor Pro - Annual Subscription

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